Winter Wardrobe

As we make the transition from autumn to winter, we thought we’d go over some awesome additions that you can add to your wardrobe that will help you stand out and make an awesome first impression.

Is a Winter Wardrobe Practical for Warm-Weather Locales?

If you live in Southern California like our leading dry cleaning service in Orange County, then you might be asking yourself if it’s necessary to go out and amplify an already cluttered closet with new additions. It that’s the case, then maybe it’s time to take some inventory on your garments and donate the stuff you don’t wear to an honorable charity.

Winter Fashion is the Best!

Scarves, overcoats, beanies, clever hats — why wouldn’t you want to step your autumnal and winter game up? One thing we recommend for every fashion enthusiast is a double-breasted winter coat. It might take up some space in the closet, but it’s a must-have, especially if you live in a frigid winter climate.

Boots Galore

Having a slick pair of winterized boots is another must. Not only do they look extremely awesome, they are super practical during the winter. You’ll never worry about those toes getting frostbite with these.

The Hipster Beanie

We recommend a loose, cashmere beanie that won’t cause hat head for you. It will keep your head warm and it looks pretty cool. Fashion and function pull together in perfect synergy when it comes to the beanie.


You can protect your neck and keep it warm during the winter months with one of these. Even if you don’t want to commit to a full-size turtleneck, you can actually buy a faux turtleneck scarf to master that all-important layered look during the winter.

Leather Pants

Yes, we said it. Guy or girl, we just want leather pants to come pack. Seriously, though, leather pants will keep you warmer than denim. It’s worth consideration.


We don’t mean ski gloves, but if that’s what you’re into we can’t judge. Having a nice pair of gloves or mittens might be the difference between you being comfy and miserable on a winter’s night out. If you’re going ice skating, these are a must!

Take All Your Winter Garments to Clockwork Cleaners for Maintenance

We treat all of your garments like they were our mother’s; it doesn’t matter if it’s the stuff you wear every day, or once a year. We offer one flat rate for most of our garments, which equals more savings for you. Come by Clockwork Cleaners today with an armful of clothes by our same-day service cutoff time, and you’ll be leaving with an armful of awesome by the end of the business day.