Have you put some thought into which dry cleaning service you give the responsibility of taking care of your clothes? Most of the time, if we take something to the dry cleaners, it’s because it’s an expensive garment, or a piece of clothing you wear when you need to look good. We figure that many people base their choice of dry cleaning services off of location, location, location. People tend to choose a place that is close to home, most likely because people don’t like the idea of carting their garments across town. It’s easier to pick things up and drop things off in a close proximity to your residence.

It’s important to be choosy when you choose your dry cleaning service, and here are some ways that you’ll know you’re dealing with the very best. Of course, if you need dry cleaning service in Orange County, whether you’re a sole individual, whether you’re getting laundry done for the whole family, or if you need laundry done for a business, Clockwork Cleaners is the number one service in the area. We set ourselves apart from the rest of the noise because we offer one low rate for each garment, and we don’t charge misleading hidden fees like other dry cleaners.

Without further preamble, here are some considerations to be mindful of while picking your dry cleaners:

Check the way they charge.

If you bring your clothes to a dry cleaning service that doesn’t charge one flat, low rate like Clockwork Cleaners, turn right around and come to your number one dry cleaning service in Orange County. Some services will charge extra for services that should come standard, like starch and same day service. You can save a lot of money if you look around for the best deal.

It all comes down to the service.

Be demanding. Make sure you’re using a dry cleaning service that has the best and most knowledgable staff. Quiz your dry cleaning service about the latest trends. A good dry cleaner will remember the way you like things done, especially if you have particular requirements. And your dry cleaning service should be able to stand up to those requirements and meet them.

Does your dry cleaning service have notable clients?

Clockwork Cleaners has the following notable accounts:

  • John Wayne Airport Police Department
  • Santa Ana Police Cadet School
  • Santa Ana Unified School District
  • Burbank Police School
  • Relampago Del Cielo
  • Saddleback Chapel
  • Rental Boutique (costume rental)
  • A&A Curtain Cleaning
  • GMC Automotive
  • Orange County Theater of the Arts

The fact that important businesses and clients trust Clockwork Cleaners means that the service stands alone. When you’re choosing your dry cleaning service, inquire if they have any notable accounts or clients that they faithfully service.

Make sure the price is right.

You work hard for your money. So it’s important that you choose the dry cleaning services that has your wallet in mind. Clockwork Cleaners charges one low rate of $3.00 per item (with the exception of specialty items like formal wear, suede, leather, etc.). Make sure that your dry cleaners doesn’t charge extra for services that should come standard, like starch, or like same day service. You bring your garments in before the 10 am cutoff time, and you’ll have your clothes back that same day before the close of business. That’s our level of commitment.

We also offer special deals, savings upon savings (as low as $2.25 per garment — that’s 10% off!). Inquire within or give us a call to learn more about our specials.

Does your dry cleaning service guarantee their work?

We give you affordable value without exception at Clockwork Cleaners. And we always guarantee your satisfaction. Make sure that your dry cleaning service of choice goes the same lengths to make their customers happy.

Contact Clockwork Cleaners today to learn more about our outstanding work, our top-notch service, and our most affordable prices. We continue to set ourselves from the rest of the noise and we dry clean with style. We’re the eco-friendly dry cleaning service in Orange County that everyone should have the experience of discovering.