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It’s summer time as you might have noticed from the increasing temperatures and the fact that 4th of July happened. We thought it’d be a good time to go over some essential summer style when it comes to your wardrobe and accessories. We wanted to take some time to explore what exactly “summer attire” entails, covering some of the classic looks and items you might consider picking up next time you’re in the market for new duds.

For men, here are a few items that never seem to go out of style:

  • Polo Shirt (Make Sure it Fits!)
  • White V-Neck Tee (Don’t Go too Deep!)
  • Fitted Flat Front Shorts (Try Saying it 3 Times Fast)
  • The Boat Shoe
  • The Linen Shirt
  • Canvas NATO Strap Watch
  • Weekend Bag
  • Fitted Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Classic Canvas Sneakers
  • Sharp Sunglasses (Not to be Confused with Sport Sunglasses, gentlemen)

For Women:

  • White V-Neck Tee (Again, Don’t Go Too Deep)
  • White Jeans
  • Dress Shorts and Denim Shorts
  • Cropped Pants and Cigarette Trousers
  • The Sundress
  • Light Jackets / Cardigans
  • Neutral Sandals / Casual Sneakers
  • Have a Multiple Bathing Suit Arsenal to Choose From (Switch Up the Styles, too!)
  • Sunglasses Are a Must (Again, Have an Arsenal to Choose From, if You Are Able)

Some Summer Dress Tips

We wouldn’t just send you out there without proper advice on how to utilize the fashion tools mentioned above. Here are some pointers so you can level-up your style for the remainder of these scorching months to come:

  • Wear open-toed, flat shoes! Choose shoes with breathability, always. Make sure you apply sunblock to your exposed areas; there’s nothing worse than a pair of beet red feet to put a damper on your everyday mobility.
  • Bigger and looser is better. To assume that you can’t wear long sleeves (as in a loose button down, or even a long-sleeve tee) is a misstep, because long baggy sleeves will increase air circulation and keep you cooler.
  • Become a hat enthusiast. Yes, make sure you wear hats with some serious brims to protect the back of your neck and face. Your dermatologist will thank you for it! Some believe that wearing hats all the time will suffocate your head, which is false. Even so, there are well-ventilated options that still protect your scalp from harmful UV rays and will keep your head cooler to boot.
  • What about sweat stains? Well, folks, frankly, they’re pretty much inevitable, unless you’re one of those special people who never breaks a sweat. For the rest of us, wearing patterns and darker natural fabrics help hide these unwanted wing men.

Well, folks, that’s about all we have for today. We hope that some of this seasonal advice comes in handy and that you’ll be turning heads on your own terms for the rest of the summer. If you need your summer garments professionally cleaned, contact Clockwork Cleaners today. We offer low, flat rates for individual items and discounted prices for those who need dry cleaning in bulk.