Leather and Suede

Leather JacketsHuman beings have been wearing forms of leather as far back as the time of the Ancient Egyptians. While leather production has come quite a long way, including the introduction of leather’s more fashionable cousin suede, the material remains incredibly popular. Leather is not just beautiful and fashionable. If properly cared for, it’s also incredibly durable and flexible.

Dry Cleaning for Your Leather and Suede Shirts

That being said, leather and suede can be somewhat difficult to properly keep clean. At Clockwork Cleaners, we have the expertise and attention to detail necessary to repair and maintain your garment’s appearance.

In-Depth Inspections, Deep Cleaning

We start the cleaning process with an inspection of the piece to determine its condition and what areas are in need of repair. We draw on our extensive knowledge and experience to determine the type of leather and the consistency of the stain or spot. We treat each blemish individually and by hand, customizing the treatment based on the type of issue. Our stock of eco-friendly cleaning agents and techniques helps us treat everything from food, drink and grease stains to paint, ink, rust, mold and mildew. We attack each stubborn stain, taking great care not to harm the surrounding leather or suede.

The cleaning process not only removes dirt and impurities but also restores the waxes and natural oils that are so important to maintaining the quality and durability of the material. We finish off the process with a careful inspection, making sure the stains and impurities have been removed as completely as possible.