At Our Orange County Laundry Service, We Help You Look Your Best!

Make Clockwork Cleaners your go to laundry service. While other dry cleaning services play favorites, we can wash your everyday garments and your Sunday’s best, both with precision, consideration, and with the utmost care. Our rates are discounted enough that you’ll second guess doing that load of laundry on your own. Why not hire a professional laundry service with low rates and excellent results?

You’ll never have to worry about paying for services you didn’t ask for with Clockwork Cleaners. You’ll never have to worry about paying exorbitant prices like at other dry cleaning services.

Clockwork Cleaners has always kept our valued clients in mind. We practice environmentally-friendly standards and whenever we find ways to save, we pass the savings onto our customers. We care about keeping your clothes pristine. While other dry cleaners treat your clothes like dirty laundry, we treat your garments with respect and bring out the best in every item, all while being easy on your wallet.

We give you the exceptional service you’ve been looking for without boosting our rates. We charge 4.50 per item, across the board (only excluding formals, furs, leather, suede, etc.). We pride ourselves in being the most affordable and diligent laundry service and fast dry cleaning service in Orange County.

Call Clockwork Cleaners today and ask about our bulk pricing for businesses. We are active in our community and look forward to being your number one laundry service in Orange County for years to come.