The Most Outstanding Fast Dry Cleaning Service Around

Clockwork Cleaners works off the principle of providing fast dry cleaning at a fraction of the price of our competitors. The quality of our work also sets us apart from our competitors. We believe that just because we are able to offer the lowest prices, that shouldn’t keep us from giving you the highest quality dry cleaning services around.

Lowest Rates, Highest Quality Fast Dry Cleaning

We don’t stop at providing you the best rates when it comes to fast dry cleaning. We perform our dry cleaning services with eco-friendly equipment and products, making sure to be conscious of our environment and continue to be active in making our community a better, safer place to live.

Look Your Best and Save a Buck

At Clockwork Cleaners we charge a flat rate per garment, instead of the misleading add-ons that other dry cleaning services charge you for what they deem to be extra services. You want your clothes starched or same day service, you’ll have to pay the extra fees. But we charge you the same low price per garment (with the exception of formals). You can get the high quality dry cleaning you need without making too much of an adjustment on your budget.

Conveniently Located

We’re located off the 55 freeway in Orange, CA, just a stone’s throw away from the Orange Circle. We proudly serve our community, providing cheap dry cleaning services with an eco-friendly focus. We never lose sight of the big picture. Bring your garments in today and we’ll get them looking fresh and new, all at a fixed, low price.

Contact Clockwork Cleaners today for cheap dry cleaning in Orange County, CA. We’re open seven days a week, providing top notch dry cleaning services at a fraction of the prices our competitors charge.

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