Many services and products in this day and age claim to come about from “eco-friendly” practices.

Clockwork Cleaners would like to explore what that actually means for a business to be truly eco-friendly because it’s an important subject to our business and to the dry cleaning industry at large.

First, let’s define what eco-friendly actually means.


Eco-friendly is generally categorized by being non-harmful to the environment. Products that promote the idea of “green living”, products that help us to conserve the environment’s precious resources such as water and energy, those products are rightfully considered to be eco-friendly. They’re hard to come by.  [/one-half-first]


Businesses today, just as in previous decades, seem to care more about the bottom line than they do about giving our kids and grandkids a proper place to live. That’s great that you’ve just turned in record-breaking profits this year, seedy business guy, the only problem is that you’ve done more harm than good to the world that you have to occupy for years to come in order to bring your place of business to the top.

If we live in a world that is a ticking time clock, it’s better that your business stands on the right side of the dial. And there is definitely a line drawn in the sand these days. With so many of the earth’s resources being squandered exponentially, if your business isn’t helping the environment in addition to everything else a good business ought to do, then you’d better step out of the way. Why? Because you can best believe that with any enterprise you specialize in, there’s an eco-friendly alternative quickly picking up steam in close proximity to you.

So you’re probably already asking yourself, how does a dry cleaning service walk the walk when it comes to being environmentally friendly?

Clockwork Cleaners refrains from using the harsh chemicals that other dry cleaning services might use that contain harmful ingredients, even carcinogens. We’ve shunned such materials that damage our living space and put lives at risk in the process, just so businesses that cut corners can save a buck or two. That’s an additional reason that sets apart Clockwork Cleaners from the rest of the pack.

There are a ton of terms that get thrown around when you start talking about eco-friendly practices. You might go to a dry cleaning service that claims to be “green dry cleaning”, “organic dry cleaning”, “responsible”, or even “conscious dry cleaning”. These are all stating the same fact, that the most dangerous chemicals to the environment have been omitted.

One key difference between Clockwork Cleaners and our competitors is that none of the extra costs are translated to our valued customers. All of the savings we experience from conservative, eco-friendly, and frugal business practices are used to give our customers and clients additional savings. What does the mean? Savings on top of savings.

A business should only offer eco-friendly services because it’s the right thing to do.

In this day and age, a business’s reputation is just as important as the product or service they provide. Our environmentally friendly dry cleaning practices never come at an extra cost to the consumer.

Clockwork Cleaners customers and clients can always enjoy low, fixed prices in order to get their cherished garments cleaned. Bring your dirty laundry by Clockwork Cleaners today. We’ll make sure that every piece of clothing you give us gets the VIP treatment. There are never any hidden fees and there are no steps in our dry cleaning process that we aren’t proud of. Clockwork Cleaners never cuts corners in our quest for cost-effectiveness.