At Clockwork Cleaners we specialize in charging one low price for expertly cleaned and pressed garments. We’ll wash your entire laundry basket and turn it into a closet full of awesomeness, but there are some items that are better left at home. You don’t really have to bring in t-shirts, sweats, underwear, or socks, for the most part. That sort of goes unsaid, to tell the truth. However, there are also some items that are universally accepted as dry clean only. We’ll go over some of these items for you so you don’t end up ruining something nice out of negligence. And what are dry clean only items?

Let’s first assume that if one of your garments says “dry clean only” on the label, you’re going to want to go ahead and take that beloved piece of clothing to Clockwork Cleaners. That should really go without saying, but we might as well mention it right off the bat and move on.

Happy Owner Of A Dry Cleaning Service

Otherwise, there are some items that you should have in your wardrobe that warrant a professional dry cleaning instead of a trip to the washing machine, and not all of your garments are going to come out and say it on the label. You might have a few (or a lot) of shirts that need to look clean and crisp, pressed to perfection. Usually, dress shirts, polos, slacks or cotton pants will need to look professional. You will save a lot of time and heartache by simply bringing such items into Clockwork Cleaners. We charge one low rate for each item, so you’d be surprised at how far a buck can stretch around here.

Suits should always be dry cleaned.

Whenever you suit up that comes with a certain distinction, due to the fact that suits are most often made of expensive and delicate materials. You don’t want to expose your suit (no matter the brand) to water, which will cause damage and may warp your suit. You want to dry clean those bad boys to ensure that the fit awesomely and look amazing each time you decide to enlist its services for the night.

Leather and Suede should always be dry cleaned.

Both can become easily damaged, compromised, or scratched. Even finished leathers can succumb to water damage and harmful soaps, which will remove any protective layering and finish, causing quick and fierce deterioration. If you’re anything less than certain of how to care for a leather or suede garment, it’s best to bring it to Clockwork Cleaners.

Your ties should rarely call for cleaning (unless you’re using them wrong).

But if your ties are dirty or wrinkled considerably, you should bring them to the dry cleaners. Don’t ever wash your ties in the machine, it will certainly ruin them.

You should also bring your heavily stained items to the dry cleaners. We have more advanced equipment, cleaning solutions and eco-friendly products that can get the job done better than conventional methods.

Make sure that you also dry clean any clothing that you plan to store, whether that be a wedding dress, a Letterman jacket, or even your favorite hideous Christmas sweater. Before you pack them away for the non-applicable seasons, get your seasonal garments cleaned in order to make sure that stains don’t set in for months, making sure that the item is ready for use right when you decide to bust it out again.

Basically, any item of clothing that requires a little bit of extra care, any item that you might wish could last you for years to come, those are the items to bring to Clockwork Cleaners. Those items that you need to wear when you’re wanting to dress to impress, those are the items to trust Clockwork Cleaners with.

Contact Clockwork Cleaners today and we’ll take care of those important garments. We’ll take your dirty clothes hamper and turn it into a wardrobe full of awesome.