Drapes and Curtains

CurtainsNothing makes a house appear more comfortable and homey than a beautiful set of curtains and drapes. Whether it’s a thick, lush and stately set of drapes or a light, airy lace curtain, your window dressing sets the backdrop for your interior design and blocks out unwanted light while also exhibiting just a taste of your style to the outside world.

Affordable, Fast Dry Cleaning for Drapes and Curtains

Unfortunately, the very qualities that make drapes and curtains so vital to the appearance of your home also happen to make them difficult to clean. They are generally large, long, flowy pieces of intricately crafted fabric. Because of this, they often require a lot more love and care than, say, a towel. And the fact that they cover windows means they act as a barrier to the outside world, making it all the more likely they will get dirty.

We Clean Complicated Curtains and Drapes


Curtains and drapes have a tendency to accumulate dust, cobwebs, and grime over time. Not only does this decrease the visual beauty of the window dressing, but it also makes it more likely you will experience allergies.

Luckily for you, Clockwork Cleaners specializes in cleaning large, cumbersome and intricate pieces like drapes and curtains. We take pride in performing highly detailed work and will provide you with a deep cleaning, no matter the type of drapes or curtains you have. Our staff will eliminate dust and grime, restoring your window covers to their former glory and keeping your home in a good, clean state.