Discount Dry Cleaners

The Premier Discount Dry Cleaning Service in Orange County

Bring your dirty laundry to Clockwork Cleaners, your number one discount dry cleaners in Orange County. We work tirelessly to provide you with same day discount dry cleaning services that stand head and shoulders above other laundry services in the area. It’s our flat rate low prices that set us apart from the competition in addition to our eco-friendly practices and exceptional dry cleaning work.

It doesn’t matter if you bring in the clothes you wear often, or your Sunday best, Clockwork Cleaners treats each of your garments with the respect they deserve. Low prices should never come at a cost to quality. We’re able to pass the savings to our valued clientele because of our astute business practices, which give us the unique ability to be able to charge one low rate of $3.75 per garment across the board (with the exception of formals, gowns, leathers, suedes, etc.). We never let our ambition get in the way of helping the people of our community.

Our prices are so cheap at Clockwork Cleaners that they’ll make you think twice before doing that load of laundry at home. Give your duds the VIP treatment at Clockwork Cleaners, your friendly neighborhood same day discount dry cleaners. You’ll never pay extra for ancillary features like starch and same day service. We’re always thinking of ways to save you money, so you don’t have to!

Experience savings on top of savings. Supplement our already low prices with additional promotions and coupons offered to repeat customers. If you have any questions, please contact Clockwork Cleaners today, or stop by with your load of laundry before 10 am and we’ll give you our same day discount dry cleaning services in Orange County at no extra charge. We look forward to taking care of you and your garments.