Same Day Dry Cleaners Orange County

Your Premier Orange County Same Day Dry Cleaners

At Clockwork Cleaners, if you bring your garments in between 8 am to 10am, we’ll have them back to you by the close of the business day ( Monday, Thursday & Saturday) That’s same day dry cleaning services at no extra cost. Clockwork Cleaners continues to be your number one same day dry cleaners in Orange County. The proof is in the work, the proof is on the hanger. We’re at the top of our game which means you get the best rates per item ( $3.75 for most items) and your clothes still look their very best. We never sacrifice quality when it comes to your garments.

Do you have a job interview or a hot date coming up? Don’t take any chances, not when the stakes are so high. Bring your dress clothes to Clockwork Cleaners before 10 am and we’ll get your clothes back to you by the close of the business day as your number one same day dry cleaners. We’ll make sure you make a great first impression with fresh and clean garments that will do all of the talking for you. Okay, you’ll still have to do some of the talking, but you’ll do so with renewed confidence, knowing you and your clothes look their very best.

If you’re in the market for same day dry cleaners in Orange County, look no further than Clockwork Cleaners, a service that gives you savings on top of savings. We charge $3.75 per item, excluding formals, leather, suede, etc., and we’ll often have promotional offers, discounts, and provide coupons to our repeat customers. There are so many reasons to use our same day dry cleaning service that we could go on forever. Instead, just pick up the phone and contact Clockwork Cleaners today to learn more. If you’re feeling bold (and fortune always favors the bold) stop on by Clockwork Cleaners today with an arm full of laundry and leave with a closet full of awesome.