Affordable Dry Cleaning

Affordable dry cleaning in Orange County never has to come at a price.

Clockwork Cleaners performs with due diligence and still manages to come in at a lower cost than that of our competitors. We work tirelessly to make sure that all of your garments come out looking fresh and clean, and never charge exorbitant prices for doing so. Across the board we charge $3.75 for most items (only excluding formals, leathers, suedes, and other materials requiring special care and attention). You can get your whole wardrobe dry cleaned for what it might cost you to get a lift to the airport.

Clockwork Cleaners is your uber special affordable dry cleaning destination in Orange County.

We pass the savings to our valued clients, savings that come along with our eco-friendly, thrifty business practices. We are active in our community and believe that great services should always be offered at a bargain to the consumer. That’s how we’ve managed to distinguish ourselves amongst stiff competition in our industry.

Still stuck at those cleaners who charge add-on fees for basic services and still label themselves as “affordable” dry cleaning? Affordable to who? For those of us who aren’t a part of the 1%, we need our affordable dry cleaning services to be affordable to normal folks.

Clockwork Cleaners charges one low rate for most items.

And we never charge extra for ancillary services like starch and same day service. We also offer discounts for those who need their affordable dry cleaning done in bulk.

Contact Clockwork Cleaners for affordable dry cleaning, same day service on Monday, Thursday & Saturday (For those who bring their garments from 8 am to 10 am cutoff time, as well as pick-up at 5 pm, all at one low rate that won’t break your bank. We look forward to giving your clothes the Clockwork Cleaners treatment today.